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Golang游览Switch评估顺序:time.Now()。Weekday()+ 2产生运行时错误:索引超出范围

I am learning Golang, was going through the tour where I found a tutorial on Switch evaluation order. I modified it a bit (e.g. Saturday to Sunday), just to play around. It printed Too far away. even for Sunday. So, I modified the code to look like this:

package main

import (

func main() {
    day := time.Monday

    fmt.Printf("When's %v?
", day)
    today := time.Now().Weekday()

    switch day {
    case today + 0:
    case today + 1:
        fmt.Println("Tomorrow.", today + 1)
    case today + 2:
        fmt.Println("In two days.", today + 2)
        fmt.Println("Too far away.", today + 2)

Now, it gives me the output:

When's Monday?
Too far away. %!v(PANIC=runtime error: index out of range)

What can I do to MOD the index, instead of adding it beyond array? Seems to me like some kind of operator overloading. Shouldn't it do MOD, on add operation, by default in case of days, at least?

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我正在学习Golang,正在浏览的过程中找到了有关切换评估顺序的教程。 我做了一些修改(例如,星期六至星期日),只是为了玩转。 它甚至打印了太远了。 因此,我修改了代码,使其看起来像这样:

  package main 
“ fmt” 
“ time” 
func main  (){
 day:= time.Monday 
今天:= time.Now()。Weekday()
切换日期 {
今天的案例+ 0:
 fmt.Println(“ Today。”)
今天的案例+ 1:
 fmt.Println(“ Tomorrow。”,今天+ 1)
今天的案例+ 2:
  fmt.Println(“两天后。”,今天+ 2)
 fmt.Println(“距离太远。”,今天+ 2)


距离太远了。  %!v(PANIC =运行时错误:索引超出范围)

我该怎么做才能修改索引,而不是将其添加到数组之外? 在我看来就像某种运算符重载。 至少在几天的情况下,默认情况下不应该在添加操作上进行MOD吗?

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  • dongzhimin2231 2017-06-02 09:11

    This is an implementation detail.

    In this line

    fmt.Println("In two days.", today + 2)

    today is of type time.Weekday which has int as its underlying type, 2 is an untyped integer constant, which will be converted to time.Weekday and the addition will be carried out.

    The implementation of fmt.Println() will check if values passed to it implement fmt.Stringer, and because time.Weekday does, its String() method will be called whose implementation is:

    // String returns the English name of the day ("Sunday", "Monday", ...).
    func (d Weekday) String() string { return days[d] }

    Where days is an array of 7 elements:

    var days = [...]string{

    There is no range check in Weekday.String() because time.Saturday + 2 for example is not a weekday. Weekday.String() only guarantees to work properly for the constants defined in the time package:

    type Weekday int
    const (
        Sunday Weekday = iota

    If you want to make it work, you have to use the remainder after dividing by 7, like this:

    switch day {
    case (today + 0) % 7:
    case (today + 1) % 7:
        fmt.Println("Tomorrow.", (today+1)%7)
    case (today + 2) % 7:
        fmt.Println("In two days.", (today+2)%7)
        fmt.Println("Too far away.", (today+2)%7)
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