2017-06-13 18:33
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I'm implementing a custom sftp server for a project at work that will use an AWS compatible system as the backend. Based on what I am seeing, I'm thinking I should implement the sftp.Handlers interface using the s3.Uploader and s3.Downloader or s3.PutObject and s3.GetObject.

I've used io.PipeReader and io.PipeWriter before to pipe an io.Writer to an io.Reader but in this case, I need to do something like:

  • Get: io.ReaderAt <- ??? <- io.Reader
  • Put: io.WriterAt -> ??? -> io.Reader

I'm guessing ??? will be different in both cases but they both seem like they'd be a type of pipe where we hold data until it's available for the other end. Does something like this exist or do I need to implement it myself? Any suggestions on implementing it?

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