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HyperLedger Fabric获取块信息-Fabric Go SDK

I used to set up a Fabric network and deployed a fabric network and basic application using a Fabric and Fabric GoLang SDK. I'm able to do the query and write to the chain. Is there any way to retrieve the Block Info? Like block height and current hash?

+ I'm unable to find out a documentation for GoLang Fabric SDK.

I followed following code and tutorial,

Fabric Basic App - Tutorial

Fabric Basic App using GoLang SDK - Code

GoLang SDK - Official SDK

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我曾经使用Fabric和Fabric GoLang SDK来建立Fabric网络并部署了Fabric网络和基本应用程序。 我可以查询并写入链中。 是否有任何方法可以检索阻止信息? 像块高度和当前哈希一样?

  +,我找不到GoLang Fabric SDK的文档。


Fabric Basic应用-教程 https: //

使用GoLang SDK的Fabric Basic应用-代码

GoLang SDK-官方SDK https:/ /

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  • dongrui6787 2018-02-12 03:18

    In general, the sdk will provide the basic method such you said GetBlockInfo,I have search for the GoLang SDK, it can not be found. While Java sdk provide this such method reference this java test .

    Another way to use these method(you must know a little fabric source code), in fact these method are included in the system chaincode, you could invoke the system chancode just like you invoke the normal chaincode.

    A example is following: from the go sdk test ,you could see this,

    response, err := chClient.Query(chclient.Request{ChaincodeID: ccID, Fcn: "invoke", Args: integration.ExampleCCQueryArgs()})

    just change the params

    response, err := chClient.Query(chclient.Request{ChaincodeID: "qscc", Fcn: "invoke", Args: integration.ExampleCCQueryArgs("GetChainInfo")})

    qscc is a system chancode,you could download the fabric source code,and from qscc file,you could see(it provide many invoke service):

    GetChainInfo       string = "GetChainInfo"
    GetBlockByNumber   string = "GetBlockByNumber"
    GetBlockByHash     string = "GetBlockByHash"
    GetTransactionByID string = "GetTransactionByID"
    GetBlockByTxID     string = "GetBlockByTxID"
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