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识别Hyperledger Fabric V1.0链码中的调用同级/组织

Is there any way to know the invoking peer and organisation inside golang chaincode for Hyperledger Fabric V1.0?

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  • dongyao5186 2017-09-24 11:00

    Currently all API's available for chaincode is described in interface.go file. At the moment there is no API which will allow you to identify invoking peer and organization inside the chaincode. I think the main reason for that is that chaincode has to be agnostic to that type of information, since all ACL's managed by the peer and chaincode should stay agnostic to it, preserve deterministic behavior regardless of whoever invoking it and be stateless.

    If need you probably could try to leverage the identity of the client who created transaction proposal request, by using GetCreator API:

        // GetCreator returns `SignatureHeader.Creator` (e.g. an identity)
        // of the `SignedProposal`. This is the identity of the agent (or user)
        // submitting the transaction.
        GetCreator() ([]byte, error)

    And then to parse client certificate to learn about the client, also you can also consider to use transient fields to make client to put there relevant information which could be read by chaincode later:

    // GetTransient returns the `ChaincodeProposalPayload.Transient` field.
    // It is a map that contains data (e.g. cryptographic material)
    // that might be used to implement some form of application-level
    // confidentiality. The contents of this field, as prescribed by
    // `ChaincodeProposalPayload`, are supposed to always
    // be omitted from the transaction and excluded from the ledger.
    GetTransient() (map[string][]byte, error)
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