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Hyperledger Fabric链码-无法使用InvokeChaincode从另一个链码读取数据。 状态200,但有效载荷为空

I am working on a chaincode where I need to read data previously stored from another one.

They are instantiated on the same channel and I can use them individually to read and write data separately.

You can replicate it using the marble chaincode, installing it with different names on the same peer.

In one of them (A) I implemented invokeChaincode(B), to read data stored by B in this way:

func (chaincode *SimpleChaincode) queryMarblesFromAnotherChaincode(stub shim.ChaincodeStubInterface, args []string) peer.Response {

    queryMarble := "queryMarble"

    if len(args) != 3 {
        return shim.Error("Incorrect number of arguments. Expecting 3")

    chaincodeName := args[0]
    chaincodeArgs := toChaincodeArgs(queryMarble, args[1])
    chaincodeChannel := args[2]

    response := stub.InvokeChaincode(chaincodeName, chaincodeArgs, chaincodeChannel)
    if response.Status != shim.OK {
        return shim.Error(fmt.Sprintf("Failed to query chaincode: %s", response.Payload))
    return shim.Success(response.Payload)

Running that method using peer chaincode invoke .. , I receive status: 200, but Payload is empty.

Could you advise on what I am doing wrong?

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您可以使用 marble 链码复制它,并将其以不同的名称安装在同一对等节点上。


  func(chaincode * SimpleChaincode)queryMarblesFromAnotherChaincode(stub shim.ChaincodeStubInterface,args  [] string)peer.Response {
 queryMarble:=“ queryMarble” 
如果len(args)!= 3 {
 chaincodeName:= args [0] 
 chaincodeArgs:= toChaincodeArgs(queryMarble,args [1])
 chaincodeChannel:= args [2] 
响应:= stub.InvokeChaincode(chaincodeName,chaincodeArgs,  chaincodeChannel)
 if response.Status!= shim.OK {
返回shim.Success(  response.Payload)

使用对等链代码调用.. 运行该方法, 我收到状态:200 ,但是有效负载为空。


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  • dseigqk7443 2018-10-05 17:03

    If shim.success(response.Payload) is empty its most likely that chaincode B is returning an empty payload. To be sure try logging what response.Payload here in chaincode A before returning.

    In addition, add some logging to chaincode B so you can see exactly what chaincode B is supposedly returning to chaincode A.

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