2019-04-19 04:19
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I cloned code here: https://github.com/kkdai/line-login-go.

I deployed on heroku and ran successfully. But I get: cannot find package on VSCode

cannot find package vscode

Normally, if I put the project in the src directory, and set GOPATH, it will not report an error.

But this project doesn't follow that structure, packages are in the vendor/ directory.

What do I have to do to handle the error?

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我在此处克隆了代码: https://github.com/kkdai/line-login-go 。</ p>

我在heroku上部署并成功运行。 但是我得到:在VSCode上找不到包</ code> </ p>

“无法找到软件包vscode” </ p>

通常,如果我将项目放在 src </ code>目录中,并设置 GOPATH </ code>,它将不会报告错误。 </ p>

但是该项目没有采用这种结构,软件包位于 vendor / </ code>目录中。 </ p>

我该怎么处理错误?</ p> </ div>

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