2018-05-24 07:24
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在同一Shell Windows中执行多个命令

I'm writing a pretty small package for personal use that wraps os/exec to make running multiple commands in the same terminal a little nicer.

I know to run multiple commands at once on linux you can do the following after reading this answer:

cmdSeq := "cd ~/some-awesome-directory/;git status"
cmd := exec.Command("/bin/sh", "-c", cmdSeq)
result, err := cmd.CombinedOutput()

// etc ...

But /bin/sh is unique to Linux (and potentially Mac, I haven't tested on Mac OS). If I wanted to do a similar thing for windows users what should I use to run multiple commands together in the same shell instance?

Repository for reference

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我正在写一个很小的用于个人使用的程序包,将 os / exec 包装到 使在同一终端中运行多个命令更好一些。


  cmdSeq:=  “ cd〜/ some-awesome-directory /; git status” 
cmd:= exec.Command(“ / bin / sh”,“ -c”,cmdSeq)
result,err:= cmd.CombinedOutput()
 \  n //等... 

但是 / bin / sh 是Linux独有的(可能还有Mac,我尚未测试 在Mac OS上)。 如果我想为Windows用户做类似的事情,该如何在同一个Shell实例中一起运行多个命令?


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