2019-03-29 10:42
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I want to define a golang type in .proto file. The type is a slice of other type which is defined in .proto file.

I have types as below.

type SomeType struct {
    // few fields

type SomeTypes []SomeType

I have SomeType is defined in .proto file as below.

message SomeType {

Now I want to define type SomeTypes in .proto file. But I have not found any way to do that. The simplest solution for me is to change type SomeTypes as below:

type SomeTypes struct {
    Content []SomeType

Then I can define that in .proto file as

message SomeTypes {
      repeated SomeType Content = 1 [(gogoproto.nullable) = false];

But I want to know if there is any solution which does not involve changing the struct SomeTypes

I am using proto2.

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我想在 .proto 中定义 golang 类型 文件。 该类型是.proto文件中定义的其他类型的切片。


  type SomeType结构 {
type SomeTypes [] SomeType 

我在.proto中定义了 SomeType 文件如下。

 消息SomeType {

现在我要定义 在.proto文件中键入 SomeTypes 。 但是我还没有找到任何办法。 对我来说,最简单的解决方案是如下更改类型 SomeTypes

  type SomeTypes struct {
 Content [] SomeType 
 <  / code>  


 消息SomeTypes {
重复SomeType内容= 1 [(  gogoproto.nullable)= false]; 

但是我想知道是否存在不涉及更改struct SomeTypes < / code>

我正在使用 proto2

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  • duanli0119 2019-04-05 11:38

    Found that there is an issue created in protobuf project: so it is confirmed that there is no other way currently.

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