2017-01-21 11:26
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I have a PersonalAccount type as

type PersonalAccount struct {
        ID        bson.ObjectId   `json:"id" bson:"_id,omitempty"`

then I get a marshaled PersonalAccount through an HTTP request, and the data is unmarshaled successfully and when I check the ID type. It is a bson.ObjecID

The problem is when I try the code below:

var m PersonalAccount = unmarshaledAccount

It returns an error that says it is not found.

I have also tried:

var m PersonalAccount = unmarshaledAccount
mgo.DB("dbname").C("colname").Find(bson.M{"_id": m.ID})

but with no luck.

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我的 PersonalAccount 类型为

   type PersonalAccount struct {
 ID bson.ObjectId`json:“ id” bson:“ _ id,omitempty”`

然后我得到 通过HTTP请求编组的 PersonalAccount ,并且数据成功编组并且当我检查ID类型时,数据已解组。 它是 bson.ObjecID \ n


  var m PersonalAccount = unmarshaledAccount 
mgo.DB(“ dbname”)。C(“ colname”)。  FindId(m.ID)



  var m PersonalAccount = unmarshaledAccount 
mgo.DB(“ dbname”)。C(“ colname”)。Find(bson.M {“ _ id”:m.ID}  )


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  • doupingmao1903 2017-01-21 17:15

    You can try this

    c.FindId(bson.M{"_id": bson.ObjectIdHex("56bdd27ecfa93bfe3d35047d")})

    may be it will solve your problem

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