donglun2010 2018-03-15 04:28
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I am trying to get a function from the package ModelT into my Controllers package . I have looked at the example on Call a function from another package in Go however it is not working. This is my simple code

package ModelT
 -- Print.go
 func PrintMe() string {

     return "hello"

package Controllers
-- Circle.go
import ("Yislyapp/ModelT") -- This does not work 

  func Circle_List() {

My small program won't compile either saying: can not resolve directory yislyapp . I get the samething even if I change it to Yisly-Backend/ModelT or Yisly-Backend./ModelT , it seems like it can't find the package. Any suggestions would be great since i'm starting out. If I put it into my Go file Home.go then it works

import (

func main() {

         ModelT.PrintMe() -- This works in my Home.go file

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  • dqqg0811 2018-03-15 04:38

    You should set the GOPATH environment variable to the root of your Go project. Your source code should then be somewhere under $GOPATH/src. The import path for a package is the path to the package's directory relative to $GOPATH/src. See for more info.

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