2019-04-06 21:17



I'm using go-redis package (also tried redigo) and want to get multiple values, it seems I must use MGET() function but function input is like (keys ...string) , is there any way so I can build an array of keys and pass to the function or any other hacky way to do this? in my case,the number of keys(and also keys) are not fixed and want to handle it dynamically

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  • dragon5006 dragon5006 2年前

    Create a slice of strings with the keys. Call the function using variadic syntax:

    var keys []string
    keys = append(keys, "foo")
    keys = append(keys, "bar")
    sc := client.MGet(keys...)

    The same approach works with Redigo, but use a slice of interface instead of a slice of strings:

    var keys []interface{}
    keys = append(keys, "foo")
    keys = append(keys, "bar")
    r, err := conn.Do("MGET", keys...)
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