2017-06-29 11:14
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I understand GO code can be compiled for different platforms (OS).

Lets say I compile on Windows for Linux. If I need a dependency to a Linux system lib - how is this dependency resolved?

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可以说我是在Windows上为Linux编译的。 如果我需要对Linux系统库的依赖-如何解决该依赖关系?

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  • dongyao2001 2017-06-30 09:54

    It seems, like to reference system libs of another OS, for example linux system libs when compiling from windows - the linux system libs must be present on the windows system.

    The same would be the case, when using special libs, for example when calling c-libs using "cgo", which maybe could implement some device specific functions. For example on a coffee machine - the functions which starts making coffee or cleaning the machine.

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