2018-08-07 04:04
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如何在Amazon EC2上部署Go程序而不在EC2上编译它?

I am looking for a way to deploy the go binary on amazon ec2. Currently all the tutorials I have found (1, 2) are explaining how to move the go sources on ec2 and to compile them there.

This is not what I am looking for for a couple of reasons. Among them:

  • I do not want to copy all the sources
  • I do not want to install irrelevant binaries (go compiler and other things)

In my opinion this is unnecessary because go has an ability to cross-compile binaries. I think that is is better to build a binary locally and to upload it on ec2.

Am I missing something here, are there any hidden pitfalls with my approach or is there a better way?

P.S. if this question is better suited for serverfault, please let me know or move it there.

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我正在寻找一种在Amazon EC2上部署go二进制文件的方法。 目前,我已经找到了所有教程( 1 2 )正在说明如何移动 在ec2上找到源代码并在那里进行编译。

出于某些原因,这不是我想要的。 其中:

  • 我不想复制所有源文件
  • 我不想安装无关的二进制文件(编译器及其他 事物)

    在我看来,这是不必要的,因为go可以交叉编译二进制文件。 我认为在本地构建二进制文件并将其上传到ec2更好。


    PS 如果此问题更适合于serverfault,请让我知道或将其移到那里。

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  • doufu5747 2018-08-07 04:36

    You are right. One of the selling points of Go is cross-compiling into a single binary file. It's better to compile at localhost then copy it to your server.

    $ GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build -o my_app .
    $ scp my_app ec2@ip:~
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