2016-01-16 19:00
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无法在Go Gorilla服务器中提供静态文件

I am playing with a small toy server to learn Go web programming.

My project directory structure has the following public directory:

  | style.css

The permissions on public and style.css are r-x and r-- for everyone.

In main.go, I have the following lines:

router := mux.NewRouter()
  http.StripPrefix("/static/", http.FileServer(http.Dir("public"))))
log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(":3001", router))

Every time I call http://localhost:3001/static/style.css the server returns a 404.

I have tried all combinations of leading and trailing slashes in the paths, but none make any difference.

I am running Go v1.5.3 on Ubuntu 15.10 (x64).

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我正在和一个小型玩具服务器一起玩,学习Go Web编程。

我的项目目录结构具有以下 public 目录:

  public \
 |  style.css 

public style.css 的权限为 rx r-给所有人。

main.go 中,我有以下几行:

  router:= mux.NewRouter()
router.Handle(“ / static /”,
 http.StripPrefix(“ / static /”,http.FileServer(http.Dir(“ public”  ))))

每次我呼叫 http:// localhost :3001 / static / style.css 服务器返回404。


我正在Ubuntu 15.10(x64)上运行Go v1.5.3。

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