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Golang Docker API-尾容器日志

I'm using Go and hitting Docker's API to pull an image, and then create and execute a container. Specifically I'm using the docker-newman image. I can see that it's actually being executed in Kitematic, so I know that everything is setup correctly. However, my Go application isn't attaching and then tailing the logs being output.

I've seen this answer, and it references what appears to be the way to attach to the image and view the log. I can't seem to get it to work regardless of what I try.

attachToContainerOptions := docker.AttachToContainerOptions{
    Container: container.ID,
    OutputStream: os.Stdout,
    ErrorStream:  os.Stderr,
    Logs: true,
    Stdout: true,
    Stderr: true,
if err := client.AttachToContainer(attachToContainerOptions); err != nil {

No error occurs, but this immediatley gets passed over without streaming anything to the console. How do I get this to stream to the console until the docker cmd completes?

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  • douzi8112 2018-04-06 17:38

    Attach only works on a running container and the container lifetime for that image is ephemeral. Try *Client.Logs, instead, to get the resulting logs.

    Here is a code sample:

    logsOptions := docker.LogsOptions{
        Container:    container.ID,
        OutputStream: os.Stdout,
        ErrorStream:  os.Stderr,
        Follow:       true,
        Stdout:       true,
        Stderr:       true,
    if err := client.Logs(logsOptions); err != nil {
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