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For reference: example here

I am trying to access a struct field using a variable key, to explain in PHP you can do the below.

$arr = ["test" => "foo"];
$key = "test";
$result = $arr[$key];

Or in Javascript you can do the below

const obj = {"test": "foo"}
const key = "test"
const result = obj[key]

Is this possible with go structs? I have searched for this functionality, but the answers always seem to point to the reflect package and running a for loop over the struct fields.

My code (linked above) gets the compile error of invalid operation: p[key] (type Post does not support indexing) which makes sense, but I can't find a way around this.

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  • drby30217 2018-03-22 12:24

    One of the main points when using structs is that the way how to access the fields is known at compile time.Then the produced code uses fixed indexes added to a base address of the struct.

    For any kind of dynamism here you just need to use map[string]string or similar.

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