2016-09-09 01:56
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So everything seems to be working fine on my webserver. But I randomly get

http: TLS handshake error from IP EOF

The certs are all good. HTTPS connection works fine on mobile and desktop but I randomly get this error messages. Shouls I be worried or maybe its some bot with no https support?

The server is just a regular ListenAndServeTLS with an httprouter passed with the cert and key files. No error returned

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因此,我的网络服务器上的一切似乎都正常运行。 但是我随机得到

http:IP EOF的TLS握手错误

这些证书都很好 。 HTTPS连接在移动设备和台式机上均能正常工作,但我随机收到此错误消息。

服务器只是普通的ListenAndServeTLS,带有带有证书和密钥文件的httprouter,我担心吗? 没有错误返回

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  • doukang5966907 2016-09-09 04:32

    This is usually nothing to worry about. This can simply be some network scanner which just tries to find out if somebody is listening on the port or some client with bad connectivity. As long as you don't get any problem reports from real clients you can just ignore this noise.

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