dphnn333971 2017-02-18 14:02
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One of my favorite things about go is gofmt. I like the fact that the coding style is standardized in many ways.

However there is one thing that bothers me still: line breaks. I found that if I look at my company's codebase, there is no evident consistency on the question of when to break lines.

Looking at some of the code in the stdlib, for example, the fmt code here, I'm still not sure what's the convention (if it exists at all).

For example, on fmt_integer function here, there are line breaks after if statement bodies, but on fmt_sbx here there aren't.

Is there a convention for line breaks in golang? what's considered best practice?

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  • doulan3436 2017-02-18 14:24

    First, there will be at most one empty line after an if block (because of go fmt).

    Second, adding or not an extra blank line does not follow any hard rule, except code readability.

    It is not even mentioned in the "Go Code Review Comments" wiki page.

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