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代码在golang中做什么? [重复]

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I tried to search this and figure out exactly how it work but I'm having trouble finding an explanation.

If i have a variable data of type interface{} (data interface{})

What would eventData := data.(map[string]interface{}) be doing? I know interface can represent a number of things, but what is a high level overview of what his happening here?

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  • doulu4203 2017-07-28 07:50

    It is a type assertion:

    A type assertion provides access to an interface value's underlying concrete value.

    t := i.(T)


    If the asserion does not hold it will trigger a panic. To test if the value is of specific type T you can use this:

    t, ok := i.(T)

    Ok is a boolean that is true if the assertion holds and false otherwise.

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