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使用Go将运输信息附加到Stripe Charge

I'm trying to create a new charge via the Go API. I have a shipping address and a payment token. But the Go API doesn't seem to support sending the shipping address. The documentation indicates that it should support it but there isn't a direct mapping between the arguments described in the docs and the Go ChargeParams arguments and some are missing.

type ChargeParams struct {
    Amount                 uint64
    Currency               Currency
    Customer, Token        string
    Desc, Statement, Email string
    NoCapture              bool
    Fee                    uint64
    Fraud                  FraudReport
    Source                 *SourceParams

Is there some other way that I'm supposed to add the address that I'm missing?

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  • dqvtm82066 2015-03-14 21:26

    Answer from Stripe support.

    Thanks for writing in about this, I'm happy to help! Unfortunately our go bindings don't support that parameter at the moment which is why you couldn't find it in the source. The temporary solution would be to create the POST request yourself when you need to send the shipping details along with the charge.

    I've forwarded this internally to make sure it gets addressed in the future but unfortunately I don't have any timeline to share with you at the moment. We are definitely open to a Pull Request from one of our users so if that's something you'd feel comfortable building yourself that would be awesome!

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