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I need to find duplicate entries of a specific value in an array of objects in a Mongo database. My structure looks something like this:

type gameTemplate struct {
ID       bson.ObjectId `bson:"_id" json:"id"`
GameCode string        `bson:"gamecode" json:"gamecode"`
Players  []player      `bson:"players" json:"players"`

type player struct {
PlayerID bson.ObjectId `bson:"playerid" json:"playerid"`
Username string        `bson:"username" json:"username"`

If a new player is joining the game, I want to check to make sure their username is not taken. I used this method for checking for duplicate game codes (if count is greater than 1, I know there's a game that exists):

count, err := collection.Find(bson.M{"gamecode": entry.GameCode}).Limit(1).Count()

Which works well, but obviously won't work to check the username value of an object in the array of players. I am thinking I would have to do something along the lines of checking the size of the array and iterating through each option to find a duplicate, but I haven't had any sort of success.


I am running the latest version of MongoDB and am using the mgo.v2 driver for go. The flow of what I am trying to achieve looks something like this:

Player Y wants to join game X. Game X can only have a single instance of a 'username', but that same username can be present in other games.

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我需要在Mongo数据库中的对象数组中查找特定值的重复条目。 我的结构如下所示:

  type gameTemplate结构{
ID bson.ObjectId`bson:“ _ id” json:“ id”`
GameCode字符串`bson:“ gamecode  “ json:” gamecode“`
Players [] player`bson:” players“ json:” players“`
type player struct {
PlayerID bson.ObjectId`bson:” playerid“ json:” playerid“  `
用户名字符串`bson:“用户名” json:“用户名”`

如果有新玩家加入游戏,我想检查 确保未使用其用户名。 我使用这种方法检查重复的游戏代码(如果 count 大于1,我知道存在一个游戏):

  count,  err:= collection.Find(bson.M {“ gamecode”:entry.GameCode})。Limit(1).Count()

效果很好, 但显然无法检查玩家数组中对象的 username 值。 我想我将不得不执行以下操作:检查数组的大小并遍历每个选项以查找重复项,但是我没有任何成功。


我正在运行最新版本的MongoDB,并且正在使用mgo.v2驱动程序。 我要实现的目标流程看起来像这样:

玩家Y想要加入游戏X。游戏X只能有一个“用户名”实例 ',但其他游戏中也可以使用相同的用户名。

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