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限速功能40 /秒,带有“”

I'm trying to use "" to build a function which blocks until a token is free. Is this the correct way to use the library to rate limit blocks of code to 40 requests per second, with a bucket size of 2.

type Client struct {
    limiter        *rate.Limiter
    ctx context.Context

func NewClient() *Client {
    c :=Client{}
    c.limiter = rate.NewLimiter(40, 2)
    c.ctx = context.Background()
    return &c

func (client *Client) RateLimitFunc() {

    err := client.limiter.Wait(client.ctx)
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Printf("rate limit error: %v", err)

To rate limit a block of code I call


I don't want to use a ticker as I want the rate limiter to take into account the length of time the calling code runs for.

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