2019-02-25 20:01
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I am iterating through the results returned from a couchDB.View and extracting the Key.

for _, row := range rows {
        fmt.Printf("%v, %T
", row.Key, row.Key)

The result of this is:

[nh001 mgr], []interface {}
[nh002 nh], []interface {}

I need to read through this interface and get the 2nd value ("mgr" or "nh").

I am not able to iterate over this as this is not a map.

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  • douchunji1885 2019-02-25 20:22

    I assume that your value row.Key is returned from somewhere as interface{}?

    If yes then in your range rows you can try to cast it to type []interface{}. So your code should look something like this.

    for _, row := range rows {
        if val, ok := row.Key.([]interface{}); ok {
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