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I took and adapted the example from Golang RPC to make a simple RPC server as a test run for the real task I want to acheive. But whatever I have tried I end up with the client getting

2014/03/21 13:28:41 dialing: dial-http tcp MYPC:61740: unexpected HTTP response: 404 Not Found

I have tried using MYPC:0,, MYPC:61470 and other variants of that theme for the server. Also have tried locally and on two different computers (Note I am using Go 1.2 on Windows). Usually with Go I find it straight-forward to debug, but even reading the source for the rpc pacakge is not helping this time - however I did pick up the trick of :0 giving an available port.

Server can be run by just running the exe, and Client can be run with the port output by the server chat -c -server=

What is actually wrong with the following code?

package main

import (

type Chat string

func (t *Chat) Msg(msg string, bytes *int) error {
    *bytes = len(msg)
    return nil

func main() {

    server := flag.String("server", "", "Server and port")
    client := flag.Bool("c", false, "Make me a client")

    log.Println("Server: ", *server)

    if !(*client) {

        chat := new(Chat)
        l, e := net.Listen("tcp", *server)
        if e != nil {
            log.Fatal("listen error:", e)
        go rpc.Accept(l)
        http.Serve(l, nil)

    } else {

        log.Println("Client connecting to", *server)
        // !! The error occurs here
        client, err := rpc.DialHTTP("tcp", *server)
        if err != nil {
            log.Fatal("dialing: ", err)

        var reply int
        err = client.Call("Chat.Msg", "Make it so!", &reply)
        if err != nil {
            log.Fatal("chat error:", err)
        log.Println("Msg: returned", reply)
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