dpgf42422 2015-11-30 18:57
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I have a web app written in Go and deployed on Heroku. Recently, I've implemented a new feature that needs to run a bash script file and retrieve its output. The command I'm using is:

out, err := exec.Command("bash", script_path, arg).Output()

Where script_path is the absolute path to the script. (which is built dynamically by using the caller filepath) And arg is an input to the script.

This command works fine in my local machine but not in Heroku:

18:51:40 http: panic serving exit status 127

ps: If I run the same command on "heroku run bash", it works.

Any thoughts?

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  • ds3422222 2015-11-30 19:20

    a shell return code of 127 is to designate "Command not found".

    You can see this behavior with this small example.

    $ nonesuch
    -bash: nonesuch: command not found
    $ echo $?

    This sort of issue usually means you need to add


    to the PATH env var. i.e.

     export PATH="$PATH:/full/path/to/myscriptdir withSpaces" 

    There are several places this can be accomplished, but it depends on your organizations rules for such things.

    To immediately resolve the problem, add to the $HOME/.profile file of the userID that runs Heroku OR there is likely a Heroku specific config file that it could be added to. (I don't have experience w Heroku).

    It's interesting that this article Heroku config files doesn't mention PATH variable.

    As you have discovered, you can edit your code to include the full path directly, i.e.

    out, err := exec.Command("/bin/bash", path.Join(".", "src", "ext", "dextenso.sh"), 


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