2018-07-20 22:08
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Go中具有动态类型(空接口)的XML Unmarshal

I need to parse an XML message that has a dynamic element, so I have used an element of type interface{} to represent it in my Message struct.

Once I know the type of this dynamic element (at runtime) I initialise a message struct and then try to unmarshal the XML message. However, the contents of the dynamic element are not unmarshalled.

Here is a Go Playground with what I'm trying to achieve, with comments and the actual vs expected outputs:

I tried several variations but can't get the unmarshalling to work as expected. Can anyone help me to understand why this behaviour and how to make it work? Thanks in advance.

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我需要解析具有动态元素的XML消息,因此我使用了类型的元素 interface {} </ code>表示在我的Message结构中。 </ p>

一旦知道了此动态元素的类型(在运行时),我将初始化消息结构,然后尝试解组XML消息。 但是,动态元素的内容并未编组。</ p>

这是一个Go Playground,其中包含我要实现的目标,注释以及实际与预期的输出: </ p>

我尝试了几种变体,但无法按预期工作。 谁能帮助我了解为什么这种行为以及如何使其起作用? 预先感谢。</ p> </ div>

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