douyouzheng2209 2019-08-05 14:55
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API网关请求中的GoLang AWS Lambda函数缺失主体

I'm using an AWS Lambda function to handle a request from an AWS API Gateway call. I'm sending a payload on the request, and I can verify in CloudWatch that the payload is being passed from the gateway to the lambda function. However, the body of the request is null inside my Lambda function.

I looked at this question: AWS Lambda Go function not getting request body when called via API GW

I am trying to replicate the answer there by using this library:, but I'm still not able to get the request body.

Here is my Lambda code:

package main

import (


func handleRequest(ctx context.Context, request events.APIGatewayProxyRequest) (events.APIGatewayProxyResponse, error) {


    fmt.Printf("Processing request data for request %s.
", request.RequestContext.RequestID)

    fmt.Printf("Processing request data for request %s.
", request.RequestContext.RequestID)
    fmt.Printf("Body size = %d.
", len(request.Body))

    for key, value := range request.Headers {
        fmt.Printf("    %s: %s
", key, value)

    return events.APIGatewayProxyResponse{Body: request.Body, StatusCode: 200}, nil

func main() {

I'm expecting to see some data after "Body" in Cloudwatch, but there is nothing.

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  • douye9175 2019-08-06 12:48

    The code in the original question is correct. The second argument to the handleRequest is of the type APIGatewayProxyRequest. In API Gateway, I was sending a normal request, not a proxy request. I redeployed my API Gateway route as a proxy request and got the request body I was expecting. I'm still not really sure whether my original request was failing to send the body, or if the structure of a normal request passed into the handleRequest function is different from that of a proxy request and so the APIGatewayProxyRequest type was unable to parse its body.

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