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I am trying to send email using gomail and need to set the send-as emailed address. I found the link to set the reply-to address, which is close, but not exactly what I'm looking for.

Send-as is a function that I know GMail supports, others prob do as well. I have send-as already configured in GMail itself and working correctly, just trying to see if I can set it via gomail

I have tried the following:

Read through the docs for gomail

m.SetHeader("SendAs", emailAddress)
m.SetHeader("Send-As", emailAddress)
m.SetHeader("sendAs", emailAddress)
m.SetAddressHeader("SendAs", emailAddress, "")
m.SetAddressHeader("Send-As", emailAddress, "")
m.SetAddressHeader("sendAs", emailAddress, "")
func TestEmail(to, from, cc, bcc, subject, message, password, fileName string) (string, error) {
    // We need to parse the TO, CC, and BCC lists, which may contain more than one email address each.
    splitToField := strings.Split(to, ",")
    splitCCField := strings.Split(cc, ",")
    splitBCCField := strings.Split(bcc, ",")

    m := gomail.NewMessage()
    m.SetHeader("From", from)
    m.SetHeader("To", splitToField...)
    // If there is a CC address(s), then add them.
    if len(cc) > 0 {
        fmt.Println("CC LEN > 0", len(splitCCField))
        m.SetHeader("Cc", splitCCField...)
    // If there is a BCC address(s), then add them.
    if len(bcc) > 0 {
        fmt.Println("BCC LEN > 0", len(splitBCCField))
        m.SetHeader("Bcc", splitBCCField...)
    m.SetHeader("Subject", subject)
    m.SetBody("text/html", message)

    // So far, we configured this to ONLY work with GMail accounts.
    // Possibly in the future we can add an input on the front end and have them enter
    // their host/port manually. Or get fancy and parse the email address and have the most common
    // types in a struct.
    d := gomail.NewDialer("", 587, from, password)

    err := d.DialAndSend(m)
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Println("ERROR SENDING EMAIL!", err)
        return "", err
    } else {
        fmt.Println("Email successfully sent to: ", to)
        return "Email successfully sent to:" + to, nil

My expectation is that you'll be able to enter in the username/password for the from address and be able to send mail with the from address showing as the send-as address.

If I execute this (with the correct username/password for the from address) it will fire the email correctly, but the send-as doesn't take over the from address. So, doesn't work, but no errors.

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