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Email sending is failed in Opencart.

While Add Order History by admin, have to send the order status to customer. When I click the Add History button, the following error is alert.

Error.Password not accepted from server!

enter image description here

My Mail settings is:

enter image description here

In all cases the mail is not sending for me.

Please help me ...How can I make this working.. My opencart version is

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Opencart中的电子邮件发送失败。</ strong> </ p>

当admin的添加订单历史</ code>时,必须将订单状态发送给客户。 当我单击添加历史记录</ code>按钮时,以下错误是警告。</ p>

错误。服务器不接受密码!</ p> \ n </ blockquote>

</ p>

我的邮件设置为:</ p>

“在此处输入图像说明” </ p>

在所有情况下,邮件都不是为我发送的。</ p>

请帮助我。 ..如何才能使这个工作.. opencart版本</ strong>是 </ strong> </ p> </ div>

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