2019-01-29 10:20
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So I am using a OSS written in go which I don't have any exposure to. I am trying to automate that script.

SO this is how the script works calling_go_code Message for confirmation of user Get user input execute the code.

I am trying to automate this script.

So far this is what I have tried, sh Param1

When I am running the script like

echo "hello"

The above code asks for some parameter as input

sh Param1

echo "hello"
calling_go_code -- $1

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所以我正在使用以 go </ code>编写的OSS,但没有任何暴露 至。 我正在尝试使该脚本自动化。</ p>

所以这就是脚本的工作方式 calling_go_code </ code> 用于确认用户的消息 获取用户输入 执行代码 </ p>

我正在尝试使该脚本自动化。</ p>

到目前为止,这是我已经尝试过的 sh Param1 </ code> </ p>

当我运行类似</ p>

  echo“ hello” 
 </ code>的脚本时</ </  pre> 

上面的代码要求某些参数作为输入 </ p>

sh Param1 </ code> </ p> \ n

  echo“ hello” 
calling_go_code-$ 1 
 </ code> </ pre> 
 </ div>

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