2019-01-20 11:32
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如何使用mongo-go-driver 0.2.0在bson.A中使用切片的元素

How do I use a given slice to generate a bson.A? I need this to make dynamic queries.

I am upgrading from mongo-go-driver alpha to beta 0.2.0, and this has become a major change in my project since the API is different now.

input := []string{"bar", "world"}
//expected output
bson.A{"bar", "world"}

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如何使用给定的切片生成bson.A? 我需要用它来进行动态查询。</ p>

我正在从mongo-go-driver alpha升级到beta 0.2.0,由于API不同,这已成为我项目中的重大更改。 现在。</ p>

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  input:= [] string {“ bar”,“ world”  } 
bson.A {“ bar”,“ world”} 
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