2017-04-14 16:00
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如何在Golang中强制Windows Godoc更新本地Web服务器上的私有软件包文档?

How can I force godoc to update my private package documentation when running a local godoc webserver on Windows?

Running the command: "godoc -http :6060" on Windows doesn't update new godoc comments in private packages. When I first ran the command it got the comments that were already present but hasn't updated since when killing and restarting the command. Is there a cache or something I can clear?

I can't find anything about this anywhere. There's this really old github issue (that was apparently fixed) that is frozen due to age and deals with the -sync option that doesn't exist in godoc in the current (and my own) go1.8 windows/amd64 install:

I tried this on Linux and it updates immediately when I kill and restart the "godoc -http :6060" command.

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在Windows上运行命令:“ godoc -http:6060”不会在私有软件包中更新新的godoc注释。 当我第一次运行命令时,它得到的注释已经存在,但是自从终止并重新启动命令以来,这些注释尚未更新。 有缓存或我可以清除的东西吗?

我在任何地方都找不到关于此的任何信息。 有一个确实很老的github问题(显然已修复),该问题由于年龄而冻结,并处理了当前(和我自己的)go1.8 Windows / amd64安装中godoc中不存在的-sync选项: \ n

我在Linux上尝试过此操作,当我杀死并重新启动“ godoc -http:6060”命令后,它会立即更新。

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