2019-02-06 16:42
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How can I get the func description within go code?

// My very nice description
func myFunc() { ... }

I'd like to have My very nice description.

Getting the name of a func is pretty straight forward:


Is there something similar for the documentation? It would be ok for me to parse the original go file. Any shortcuts there?

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func myFunc(){...} 



  runtime.FuncForPC(reflect.ValueOf(myFunc).Pointer  ())。Name()

文档中是否存在类似内容? 我可以解析原始的go文件。 有快捷键吗?

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  • duanlei2150 2019-02-06 17:06

    Use the go/doc package to extract documentation from source code.

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  • duanguochong0397 2019-02-06 16:53

    You can use the godoc tool to generate documentation.

    Check the following link

    It should give what you are looking for

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  • douzhi6365 2019-02-08 08:35

    Just in case someone needs the code, I'll post it here. It may be a bit ugly still, but works fine for my scenarios. You may adjust it upon your own needs.

    package funcreader
    import (
    // Get the name and path of a func
    func FuncPathAndName(f interface{}) string {
        return runtime.FuncForPC(reflect.ValueOf(f).Pointer()).Name()
    // Get the name of a func (with package path)
    func FuncName(f interface{}) string {
        splitFuncName := strings.Split(FuncPathAndName(f), ".")
        return splitFuncName[len(splitFuncName)-1]
    // Get description of a func
    func FuncDescription(f interface{}) string {
        fileName, _ := runtime.FuncForPC(reflect.ValueOf(f).Pointer()).FileLine(0)
        funcName := FuncName(f)
        fset := token.NewFileSet()
        // Parse src
        parsedAst, err := parser.ParseFile(fset, fileName, nil, parser.ParseComments)
        if err != nil {
            return ""
        pkg := &ast.Package{
            Name:  "Any",
            Files: make(map[string]*ast.File),
        pkg.Files[fileName] = parsedAst
        importPath, _ := filepath.Abs("/")
        myDoc := doc.New(pkg, importPath, doc.AllDecls)
        for _, theFunc := range myDoc.Funcs {
            if theFunc.Name == funcName {
                return theFunc.Doc
        return ""
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