drfb52000 2018-09-21 01:39
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I'm attempting to perform an HTTP get over TLS using the simplest imaginable golang code and getting a 505 response from a server (HTTP version not supported). The thing is, with a simple python requests.get the same query works. Also, I can use Chrome and perform the same request successfully.

Any ideas what makes the golang request different that would cause the server to return the 505?

I realize that this response is server specific. HTTPS to google.com with the same golang code works. I've attempted troubleshooting with Wireshark but TLS makes this difficult. It seems like this must be something simple! The server is nginx 1.9.3.

Golang code:

package main

import (

func main() {
        url := "https://non-public-address/page"
        tr := &http.Transport{
                MaxIdleConns:       10,
                IdleConnTimeout:    30 * time.Second,
                DisableCompression: false,
        client := &http.Client{Transport: tr}
        resp, _ := client.Get(url)


r = requests.get("https://non-public-address/page")
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  • duanjiani6826 2018-09-22 21:10

    I figured out the issue eventually by decrypting the traffic in Wireshark. The URL in my Go implementation has spaces and using http.Get didn't URL encode the spaces to %20. With spaces in the GET request the server was misinterpreting the request.

    Lesson learned: Go's http.Get does not URL encode characters and you have to do this on your own.

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