2018-08-09 09:31
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Golang Dependencies是否存在任何可用的缓存代理,例如 NPM(NodesJS)? [关闭]

For NodeJS i can use an internal Nexus Server as central Repository. This Server can work in addition as Proxy, so if the Package is not known locally, it goes to or whatever is configured and loads the package from there.

Than this package will be stored in the Nexus with all related meta info like Version etc. With that we are always build able, even when the Owner deletes the public repo or a new Version has breaking changes . In addition we can make reviews and allow only reviewed main packages etc.

Is there something equal available for Go?

图片转代码服务由CSDN问答提供 功能建议

对于NodeJS,我可以将内部Nexus服务器用作中央存储库。 该服务器还可以用作代理服务器,因此 如果该软件包在本地不为人所知,它将转到Registry.npmjs.com或进行任何配置,然后从那里加载该软件包。

此软件包将与所有相关的内容一起存储在Nexus中 元信息(例如Version等)。有了它,即使所有者删除公共仓库或新的Version发生重大更改,我们也始终具有构建能力。 此外,我们可以进行审核,仅允许审核的主程序包等。 \ n


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