2014-07-15 19:18
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在Go中使用Windows DLL库,针对Linux和Mac OS X编译

I just wonder is there a chance to use proprietary windows dlls in my go project, compiling for mac osx and linux?

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我只是想知道是否有机会在我的go项目中使用专有的Windows dll,为Mac OS X和Linux进行编译?

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  • dongzhi1950 2014-07-15 21:59

    No, you can't use windows dlls on Linux / OSX.

    However if you really really have to do that, you could always ship your software with a pre-compiled wine like TeamViewer does and few "almost-native" games on Steam.

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  • dotelauv682684 2014-07-15 19:20

    I have not used Go! to much, but assuming these are the same kinds you would use in c++, then no, you cannot do this natively. You would need to use something such as wine (I am not sure if that builds on mac osx though)

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