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在go lang中使用exec.command进行网络使用

I have a requirement to map the drives in Windows using go and found this link to be useful What is the best way to map windows drives using golang?

When I tried to use the code given here, I ran into this error

exec: "net use": executable file not found in %PATH% 

I verified that the bin folder of go is in the PATH variable. I also tried by running it like

cmd, err := exec.Command("cmd", "/c", "NET USE", "T:", \\SERVERNAME\C$, "/PERSISTENT").CombinedOutput()  

but I get this error:

exit status 1 You used an option with an invalid value.  

Any help on what I'm doing wrong here ?

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  • dongxiangshen7916 2018-01-04 02:55

    Every argument to exec.Command() is used as a single argument, so:

    exec.Command(... "NET USE", ..)

    Will mean that NET USE is passed as a single argument, which is the same as doing this from the command line:

    cmd /c "net use"

    Which means it will try to find net use.exe, instead of passing the argument use to net.exe.

    So the correct way is:

    exec.Command("cmd", "/c", "net", "use", "Q:, `\\SERVER\SHARE`, "/user:Alice pa$$word", "/P")

    The cmd /c part probably isn't needed, but I don't have a Windows machine to verify.

    Also note how I used backticks (`) for \\SERVER\SHARE instead of ", so you don't have to double up the backslashes.

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