2016-06-17 07:41
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Golang HTML中继器

I am trying to create an HTML template that includes a table. Each row in the table should represent a struct I have and include values from that struct.

The only relevant reference I found is this: golang template - how to render templates?

The difference is that I don't know in advance the number of rows in the table, so I need to be able to loop through a dyanmic list of structs I have, and for each such struct populate its values into a template representing a row and add that row to the parent template representing the table.

Can anyone show me how this can be done? Any other approach is also welcome.

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我正在尝试创建一个包含表的HTML模板。 表中的每一行都应代表一个结构体I 具有并包含该结构的值。

我发现的唯一相关参考文献是: golang模板-如何呈现模板?

不同之处在于我事先不知道表中的行数, 因此,我需要能够遍历我拥有的结构的动态列表,并为每个这样的结构将其值填充到表示一行的模板中,并将该行添加到表示该表的父模板中。 \ n

谁能告诉我该怎么做? 也欢迎使用任何其他方法。

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  • dongsuiying7773 2016-06-17 08:13

    I think you're just looking for {{range}}, right? E.g.

    package main
    import "log"
    import "os"
    import "html/template"
    type Highscore struct {
        Name  string
        Score int
    func main() {
        const tpl = `<ol>
    {{range .}}
        <li>{{.Name}} - {{.Score}}</li>
        scores := []Highscore{
            Highscore{"Steve", 50},
            Highscore{"Jim", 40},
        scoreTemplate, err := template.New("scores").Parse(tpl)
        if err != nil {
        err = scoreTemplate.Execute(os.Stdout, scores)
        if err != nil {
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