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golang template.JS转换为字符串,template.HTML转换为字符串

I'm using "html/template".

How do I convert the value of a template.JS object to a string? What about template.HTML?

I have a struct where I store some js scripts and css code/files, such as: "HeaderCSS", "FooterJS". I load them to the header/footer of my templates. The problem is that I need to check if they are loaded, so I won't load the same script twice (each reload means a new script load) because I'm using append, in order to be able to insert multiple scripts. In this way, each refresh will append the scripts to the existing scripts.

My idea is to check if they are allready loaded in order to prevent loading them multiple times. I was thinking about using strings.Contains() function. But I can't do that since I don't know to convert templates.HTML and templates.JS to string.

Any idea?

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我正在使用“ html /模板”。

如何使用 将 template.JS 对象的值转换为字符串? 那 template.HTML 呢?

我有一个结构,可以在其中存储一些js脚本和css代码/文件,例如:“ HeaderCSS”,“ FooterJS” 。 我将它们加载到模板的页眉/页脚。 问题是我需要检查它们是否已加载,因此我不会两次加载相同的脚本(每次重新加载都意味着要加载新的脚本),因为我正在使用append,以便能够插入多个脚本。 这样,每次刷新都会将脚本追加到现有脚本中。

我的想法是检查它们是否已全部加载,以防止多次加载。 我正在考虑使用 strings.Contains()函数。 但是我不能这样做,因为我不知道将template.HTML和templates.JS转换为字符串。


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