2015-12-28 18:13



I have Intellij ultimate version 14.1.4. How do I enable optimizing imports automatically with each save for "Go"?
In Settings->Editor->General->Auto Imports, I see options for Java/python/scala but not for Go. I have the Go plugin installed already. But this unused import compile error is a noise. I want to enable automatic optimizing of imports to avoid CTRL+ALT+O combination

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  • dongping4273 dongping4273 5年前

    This functionality is not yet available for the Go plugin, that's why you don't see any options there / it doesn't work automatically.

    You might want to watch this issue or maybe this PR to get notified when they will be fixed.

    Meanwhile, you can use the Code -> Goimports file functionality and maybe assign it a shortcut of your own preference as it doesn't have one by default. For this to work you will need to have goimports installed and in your system's PATH.

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