2019-06-07 01:08
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如何使用RE2正则表达式匹配两个字符串之间的子字符串? [重复]

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I need to extract the substring between "Design Brands > " and the first following pipe(|) character from of the following string:

"T-shirts|Brands > Port & Company|Design Brands > Montana Griz|Designs > TeamLB Griz > MTG31|T-shirts > TeamLB|T-shirts > Montana Griz"

This is within a google sheets function so I have to use Go's RE2 syntax

I would expect that the following expression would work

Design Brands > (.*)\|

However, the expression matches everything up to the last pipe in the string "Montana Griz|Designs > TeamLB Griz > MTG31|T-shirts > TeamLB" instead of everything up to the first occurance of a pipe in the string. I cant seem to figure out how to isolate just "Montana Griz" within a capture group.

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  • dousi4900
    dousi4900 2019-06-07 01:12

    Either make the dot lazy:

    Design Brands > (.*?)\|

    Or, if RE2 does not support lazy dot, then use this version:

    Design Brands > ([^|]*)\|


    The second pattern says to:

    Design Brands >    match "Design Brands > "
    ([^|]*)            then match and capture any character which is NOT pipe
    \|                 finally match the first pipe

    The ([^|]*) is a trick for matching all content up to, but including, the first pipe which comes along.

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