2018-03-02 21:45

将查询发布到Golang中的Splunk REST API / search / jobs /端点


I would like to send a search/query to Splunk REST API, and return a search id to later consume the results.

I can achieve the desired behavior with the below curl:



search='search index=short sourcetype=src | head 5'

curl -u $user:$pass -k -d search="$search"

which returns:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Here are the relevant Go snippets in which I am trying to achieve the same:


    sid, err := conn.Query()
    if err != nil {
            fmt.Println("err creating search: %s", err)
    } else {
            fmt.Println("sid:", sid)


    // query.go
    func (conn SplunkConnection) Query() (string, error) {
            data := make(url.Values)
            data.Add("output_mode", "json")
            data.Add("search%20index%3Dshort%20sourcetype%3Dsrc%20%7C%20head%205", "search")
            data.Add("-60m%40m", "earliest")
            data.Add("-10m%40m", "latest")

        // try httpGet() here
        sid, err := conn.httpPost(fmt.Sprintf("%s/services/search/jobs", conn.BaseURL), &data)
        if err != nil {
                return "", err

        return string(sid), err


// http.go
func (conn SplunkConnection) httpPost(url string, data *url.Values) (string, error) {
        return conn.httpCall(url, "POST", data)

What I expect is a response containing just a JSON blob with my SID. Instead, it returns a huge JSON, which appears to be contain all current jobs at the /services/search/jobs endpoint.

How can I adjust my code to return just the SID? (I intend to poll it for completion and retrieve the results later, but don't need help with this...yet).

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  • douju2053 douju2053 3年前

    You seem to have reversed your postdata parameters.

                data.Add("search%20index%3Dshort%20sourcetype%3Dsrc%20%7C%20head%205", "search")

    This becomes search index=short sourcetype=src | head 5 = search, which is the reverse of what you want.

    The key comes first, then the value, but you have specified the value first, then the key.

    I think this should instead be:

                data.Add("search", "search%20index%3Dshort%20sourcetype%3Dsrc%20%7C%20head%205")

    I suspect the same is true of some of your other calls to url.Values.Add(), so you should check them all and be sure.

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