2014-04-03 05:59
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I've a openSSH server running on one machine which a remote machine can write files on to using a app written in go. SSH is fairly secure although I'm aware of tor ssh servers, which If I use will add extra security.

I'm confused what the scenario would be here? Is it as simple as running both machines on the tor network?

I've been reading around and saw this where opensshd only listens to port 22, then having tor run a hidden service to 22 If I got this correctly would I just need to ssh ------.onion -l user?

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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我在一台计算机上运行一个openSSH服务器,远程计算机可以使用编写的应用程序将文件写入其中 走。 尽管我知道tor ssh服务器,但SSH还是相当安全的,如果我使用ssh服务器会增加额外的安全性。

我很困惑这里的情况? 就像在Tor网络上同时运行两台机器一样简单吗?

我一直在阅读,看到,其中opensshd仅侦听127.0.0.1端口22,然后让tor将隐藏的服务运行到22。 如果我正确理解了这一点,我只需要ssh ------.onion -l用户?


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  • doujiang2643 2014-04-07 20:22

    Tor exposes a SOCKS interface for tunneling external programs through the network. It seems like you're trying to tunnel an go program that acts as an SSH client through Tor, so you'd want to use SOCKS to proxy your SSH connection. Take a look at the Pond project on GitHub for an idea for handling this.

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