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I follow the installation guide at http://golang.org/doc/install.html, at first everything goes well, but problem comes at the "fetch the repository" step,

the guide says "$ hg clone -u release https://go.googlecode.com/hg/ go" I follow the command but system always say that's wrong so I read the help and modified it into "$ hg clone -U release ..repo url... go" (I don't see a lowercase u option but there's a U instead which means noupdate) but still goes wrong so I modified it again "$ hg clone -U r60 ..repo url... go" (I think release actually means go release number?) ok, now that works finally but, when it's over cd to the go directory,hey,why all the files are hidden?! and different with the url directory, for ex there's no such a src directory

so what am I doing wrong, and sorry for my english is not good thank you for your help

for as a new user I can't attach a image and can't have more than two links in one post, see the picture link below at the reply to Evan Shaw

and in the guide page they say that I need to install python-setuptools python-dev and build-essential, because in ubuntu/debian users' distribution's package repository, the will "most likely be old and broken", what that mean? Am I suppose to install the tool manually(but not a easy_install)?

for a new user I can't answer myself,I think jnml points out the best matched answer

I thought this question is answerd, the problem is that repository in Ubuntu/Debian for is tool old, if you just easy_install (apt-get install ) you got version 1.0.1 , that's not match for the command gave on the go installation guide, so a simple way to work it out is(thanks jnml for pointing this out):

  1. hg clone
  2. cd go
  3. hg update release

that's done.

but I still wonder how can I get the latest version of be installed on my Debian,but that's another question,

Thanks a lot to all of you who reply to me, thank you for your help!

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  • duanliaoyu8419 duanliaoyu8419 9年前

    hg -u (lower case) is definitely correct, check your version of mercurial.

    $ hg help clone
     -U --noupdate           the clone will include an empty working copy (only a repository)
     -u --updaterev REV      revision, tag or branch to check out
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