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I have a batch file named cfw.bat which will accept 1 command-line parameter.

I need to invoke or open this batch file from my go program and not to run as a command within go (because command within Go is not considering window's commands).

This is my go code

    foundationUrl := foundations.GetFoundationApiUrl(foundationNumber)
    command := exec.Command("call","cfw.bat",foundationUrl)
    fmt.Print("Executing Command >>> ")
    bs,err :=command.CombinedOutput()

This is the error i get

Executing Command >>> [call cfw.bat https://api.sys-pcf.com]
Error exec: "call": executable file not found in %PATH%

Couldn't execute windows command.. If i directly execute using cfw.bat from go code, it won't work because the shell used by Go is only Linux / Unix supported

Please help on how to trigger the batch as a seperate window from my Go Program

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  • doumi1884 doumi1884 3年前

    From my comments:

    cmd := exec.Command("cmd.exe", "/C", "C:\\me\\fcf\\cfw.bat", foundationUrl)

    Where backslashes are doubled and you provide the full path to cfw.bat

    An alternative may be to use backticks instead:

    cmd := exec.Command(`cmd.exe`, `/C`, `C:\me\fcf\cfw.bat`, foundationUrl)

    If you just want to open the batch file in another cmd.exe instance then maybe this would do it:

    cmd := exec.Command(`cmd.exe`, `/C`, `Start C:\me\fcf\cfw.bat`, foundationUrl)
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