2017-07-15 10:36
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GoLang OS / exec StdoutPipe颜色

I'm making a wrapper for a minecraft server console with GoLang. It uses os/exec to run the server and process.StdoutPipe() for realtime output from the subprocess.

But, I can't get it to display the colors for some reason. When I run the server directly from the terminal, colors work, but it doesn't work at all when I run it from GoLang.

What's more is there's no color codes on the log files either when I run it from GoLang. But running it directly from the terminal, the log file is absolutely messed up with color codes. I really don't get how that happens.

Is there any way to fix this?

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我正在使用GoLang为 minecraft 服务器控制台包装。 它使用os / exec来运行服务器和进程。StdoutPipe()用于从子进程实时输出。

但是,由于某种原因,我无法显示颜色。 当我直接从终端运行服务器时,颜色起作用,但是当我从GoLang运行服务器时,颜色根本不起作用。

此外,日志文件中没有颜色代码 当我从GoLang运行它时。 但是直接从终端运行它,日志文件绝对被颜色代码弄乱了。 我真的不知道怎么回事。


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  • douniangliao4327 2017-07-15 10:58

    The way to fix this is to force colors from the minecraft server. It's not a problem with your Go program at all. It's very common for command-line programs to detect whether they're running on an interactive terminal, and disable certain features (such as color output, paging, etc) when they are not, under the assumption that they're being passed through a script (as indeed it is, in your case).

    If the minecraft server doesn't have this option, you may be able to fool it into thinking it's running on an interactive terminal.

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