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What is the best practice to install packages (those with go get...) in a local directory?

Example: I'd like to try out the Revel web framework, but I don't want to clutter my go installation at /usr/local/go.

Normally I'd say sudo go get as written on the home page, but that would install it beneath /usr/local/go/src/pkg/....

Is there an easy way to say (for example) go get --local ... and have the package in the current (sub) directory?

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    douji5523 douji5523 2012-09-20 13:55

    You can export the env variable GOPATH. For me it is ~/local/lib/go. This folder has the subfolders bin, pkg and src, so it's just like /usr/local/go. The go-tool will then automatically download , build and install packages into this directory.

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  • dongzi8191 dongzi8191 2012-09-20 14:15

    To expand on keks answer, you can update your .bashrc to look like this

    export GOROOT=/usr/local/go
    export GOPATH=~/workspace/me/go
    export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin:$GOPATH/bin

    Now all packages installed with go get are separate from the go distribution.

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  • doqdcks3948 doqdcks3948 2013-07-12 14:17

    You might want to consider using Go Version Manager (gvm).

    Apart from switching between Go versions easily, it also lets you switch between pkgsets ("workspaces").

    First you create a set

    gvm pkgset create myproject

    and then you use it

    gvm pkgset use myproject

    Works like a charm.

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  • doukucai0099 doukucai0099 2019-01-24 17:07

    In modern module enabled go (introduced in go 1.11), you can use the gobin program with a GOBIN env var specifying the destination of the binary:

    GOBIN=./local gobin

    Installation of gobin is done like so:

    GO111MODULE=off go get -u
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