2015-11-12 05:05
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I wanna replace all ANSI/VT100/xterm control sequences output by shell in golang And i searched this regexp pattern here, but it doesn't work! here is error:

panic: regexp: Compile(`[\b]`): error parsing regexp: invalid escape sequence: `\b`

code sample

Let me make it more clear. I wanna accomplish the following code in golang:

  #!/usr/bin/env perl
  while (<>) {
      s/ \e[ #%()*+\-.\/]. |
         (?:\e\[|\x9b) [ -?]* [@-~] | # CSI ... Cmd
         (?:\e\]|\x9d) .*? (?:\e\\|[\a\x9c]) | # OSC ... (ST|BEL)
         (?:\e[P^_]|[\x90\x9e\x9f]) .*? (?:\e\\|\x9c) | # (DCS|PM|APC) ... ST
         \e.|[\x80-\x9f] //xg;
         1 while s/[^\b][\b]//g;  # remove all non-backspace followed by backspace
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  • dongxun8189 2015-11-12 06:07

    Use [^\x08]\x08 instead.

    [\b] and \e are not included in the supported Escape sequences stated in regexp syntax.

    Backspace: For other regex flavors, the escape sequence \b has a different meaning inside a character class: it matches the backspace character (hex 08). However, you may escape it as \x08.

    Esc: Similarly, for the Escape \e (hex 1B), use \x1b.

    Also, if you want to match ANY control character, you may use [[:cntrl:]], which matches [\x00-\x1F\x7F].

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