2018-10-22 06:57



I wanna crawl a site ( for making a new post or topic notification for users.

I try to write below code for a reading name, last change date, and URL every section and save into struct and save struct into JSON object. but link part in my struct won't get any value and either appear in the console for me, this is my code

    package main

import (

type Message struct {
    Name string
    Date string
    link string


type myJSON struct {
    Array []Message

var input []Message

func main() {

    resp, err := soup.Get("")

    if err != nil {

    doc := soup.HTMLParse(resp)
    links := doc.Find("div", "id", "brdmain").FindAll("a")
    for i := 0; i < len(links); i += 2 {
        link := Message{links[i].Text(), links[i+1].Text(), links[i].Attrs()["href"] }
        input = append(input, link)

    if err != nil {

    jsondat := &myJSON{input}
    encjson, _ := json.Marshal(jsondat)


which part I did wrong?

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  • dongyao4419 dongyao4419 3年前

    There is a problem in your Message struct it must name 'link' with capital k ---< Link

    type Message struct {
    Name string
    Date string
    Link string

    and output will be correct

    {"Name":"مانجارو Manjaro","Date":"2018-10-18 10:55:09","Link":"viewforum.php?id=22"}

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