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JSoup Login to website AND then open another page KEEPING that login session.

Could anyone explain how to log in on this website using JSoup?


Anything (E.G. 110000, 110001 and 110002 all work)


"sgl1617" (I don't care about someone knowing the password, you can't do anything with it.)

My code currently (Completely fails, I'm sure I'm on the wrong 'track'):

Connection.Response loginForm = Jsoup.connect("")

Document doc = Jsoup.connect("").get();Jsoup.connect("")
.data("cookieexists", "false")
.data("username", "110638")
.data("password", "sgl1617")
.data("login", "Login")

One thing I'm sure of: authentication.php doesn't exist.

I am new to JSoup, so please explain some code and tell me about the 'cookie' part (I know what cookies are, but not how you use them with JSoup.)

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  • doujiao4705 doujiao4705 5年前

    There are some points to correct:

    • the login endpoint is not correct (the correct one is;
    • some POST parameters you're sending are misspelled (e.g. username should be user);
    • some POST parameters are not required (e.g. cookieexists);
    • you're not adding the required csrf parameter in the POST request.
    • you should check the response to understand if login is ok or not.

    My working code (with an error checker):

    Connection.Response loginForm = Jsoup
    Document doc = loginForm.parse();
    String csrf ="input[name=csrf]").val();
    Connection.Response response = Jsoup.connect("")
            .data("user", "110638")
            .data("paswoord", "sgl1617")
            .data("login", "loginform")
            .data("csrf", csrf)
    String body = response.body();
    if(body.contains("Wachtwoord is incorrect")){
        System.out.println("Password incorrect!");
    } else if(body.contains("Gebruikersnaam werd niet gevonden.")){
        System.out.println("Not found username!");
    } else {
        System.out.println("Login successfully!");          
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